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This mule deer has been dubbed the "Holy $%#* Buck". According to the man who's bullet found the mark, Jeff Steele, the deer just appeared out of nowhere. "I was just totally amazed," said Jeff. "We'd scouted the area a lot and had no idea there was a buck this size there. I didn't know what else to say after I dropped him except, Holy $%#*. That's how he got his name." The buck grossed 206 5/8 and was taken in November out of WMU 336.
1998 proved to be a successful hunting campaign for St. Albert resident Al Miller. While hunting in WMU 332 in late November, Al managed to take down this nice whitetail. The unique feature on this buck are the brow tines that have forked. Unfortunately for Al, this resulted in a huge deduction and dropped the buck's overall score from 169 0/8 to 148 0/8. The buck, however, has found a permanent residence on the wall of the Miller's lakefront cabin. Al also boasts a Boone & Crockett Non Typical whitetail that scores just over 203.
Alberta Outdoorsmen publisher Rob Miskosky is shown here with a fine lake trout taken on a fly-in fishing trip to Namur Lake Lodge, 75 air miles northwest of Fort McMurray. The fish was estimated to push the 14 lb. mark and gave a high-spirited battle before being brought boat-side, photographed and released. During the trip, Rob and fishing partner Ken Bailey landed a large number of lake trout and several huge northern pike, including one that pushed the scales to 20 lbs. In a word, the fishing was "outstanding".
From the fishing log of Carl Mal of Edmonton:

"These are from Pigeon Lake Alberta (1 hour South of Edmonton). A yellow jig with a large frozen minnow was the combo to use, in 13-16' of water. It was hard to catch anything smaller than a 4lb'er."
Suck That Gut
My lifetime achievement. Whatta Whopper! DeepSea pump-and-reel type fishing, lots of headshaking and massive runs. I was shaking and sweating after this one. 14:30 Sat Sep 18/2000 27degrees C, winds 5kM. We had 100lbs of fish thru the net that day.
Look... He's still got his work shirt on!  JD went on to catch at least 4x6-7lb'rs like this one.
Fry Her...
... I don't even know her. Actually Pigeon is 0 limit on walleye, so these all went back. Had a couple of 67cm pike, we fried one of those. Just like the waitress with your meal, it seemed like everytime I lit a smoke, I had a fish to contend with. There was a fish in the boat every 10-15 minutes.
Rob Kowalyshyn of St. Albert scored this incredible whitetail near Warburg in WMU 334. Rob's 6-point buck officially scored 194 6/8 Boone and Crockett points and was the #2 buck taken in Canada in 1997. Rob was officially named the 1997 Alberta Hunter of the Year for this phenomenal buck and was featured in the 1998 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations.
Robin L. McDonald of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta took this phenomenal whitetail in 1998. Here is his story: This buck was following a doe, trying to convince her what a sensitive guy he was. I heard him grunting and got my safety off and the rifle to my shoulder. She crossed the cutline about 50 yards in front of me. When he crossed I was READY. He only took 2.5 seconds to cross the line. I took 1 second to decide he was "enough" and 1 second to swing along his shoulder and tickle the trigger. He officially scored 197-1/8 net B&C and will be in the next record book. Some people say they shoot does and young bucks because "you can't eat the horns". The meat from this buck was good and the Boone and Crockett gravy was just fine. I took him with my .264 win. mag. and 140 gr. win. factory ammo.
Trent Pawlick of Genesee with a fine Pigeon Lake pike. This is the story of how this fish ended up in the boat: It was June 9 and a great day weather-wise. After finally getting the motor to idle properly, the fishing began and I hooked into a good walleye around 2 lbs. Later that morning I caught a 7 lb. pike - not a bad fish but we knew there were bigger ones. Later, around mid-afternoon, my fishing partner Luke and I stopped along a nice bed of weeds. Just as the anchor was hitting bottom, Luke yelled "I got something! It feels like a log!" While Luke was reeling in the fish started to run a bit so he went to tighten up the drag and somehow ended up with a rats nest of line in his hand. I grabbed the line with my hand to keep tension on it so we wouldn't lose the fish because we knew he was big. After Luke finally got things straightened out, I grabbed the rod out of his hands without him even objecting. After about 20-minutes we finally got the fish close enough to the boat, but of course we didn't have a net, so Luke cradled him in his arms like a baby - funniest thing I ever saw. To top it all off, as soon as Luke got the fish out of the water, the hook fell out of its mouth. The fish weighed in at 17 lbs. 6 oz. and measured just over 42-inches. Not bad for the first time out! Now we can't wait to get back!
Here is a photo of a truly tremendous mule deer taken by Greg Potyok of Bruderheim. This 26", 5X5, 320-pound buck was taken on October 10 near Peace River. According to Greg, "I was actually on a moose and elk hunt, but what the heck, I did have a tag so I took him. No moose or elk though." Congratulations Greg on a great trophy.
My friend Daryl and I went south of Calgary and fished one of the well known locations on the Bow River. We had not had a lot of good early weather this year and nice fishing days were rare. You can see in the picture that the ice behind Daryl is still very deep. We both caught a few 15- to 18-inch fish before Daryl hooked this 26-inch plus beauty on a #10 San Juan worm. The fight was very exciting on his 5 weight fly-rod. Too bad the photographer couldn't think clearly enough to get out of the way of the light. Of course this fish was released unharmed.

- Rob Brown
2002 was the first year I ever tried hunting bear. I had bought a bear tag in 2001, but only kept it with me "in case". Out here in the Rocky Mountain House area you are allowed to bait bears, and since having only seen one bear in the three years I've lived and hunted here, I decided I'd try it.

I knew of a good spot so I set up my bait station with some scraps from a butcher shop as soon as the season opened. The first couple weeks went by without any hits. I mentioned this to a friend and he suggested that I try using some oats and molasses.

Monday night after work, I went down to the grocery store and bought a bag of quick oats and a couple little cartons of cooking molasses. I went out to my bait site and added the contents to my barrel. However, I didn't think I had enough molasses, so the next night I bought two more little cartons.

I parked my truck at a lease, grabbed my browning .270 and the shopping bag of molasses and headed out towards my bait station. Walking through a small clearing and over a rise the first thing I noticed was that the deadfall I had placed around the barrel had been knocked down. My heart jumped as I realized my bait had been hit. Next I noticed the barrel on its side a few meters from where I had placed it. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize that the bear was right there, about 20-25 yards away, eating from the barrel. I dropped the shopping bag I had, realizing later that that might have been a mistake for the sound it made. I just stood there for a couple of minutes, running over the rule book on bears: #1; can't shoot a sow with cubs. Okay, no cubs around. I raised my rifle and all I saw was a black blur as I realized my scope was set at 9X. I dropped the rifle down with a brief exclamation, turned the power down and re-sighted the bear. Okay Mike, try to relax, breathe and squeeze the trigger. BOOM! The bear jumped and started running. I quickly loaded another shell in the chamber, but the bear ran away from me. He only ran about 15-20 yards before collapsing against a tree.

I had some friends come out to help me with my bruin, and we measured him at roughly 6' 2" and estimated him at about 375 pounds. One of the guys is an outfitter and he told me my bear was a big bear for the area, and a visitor of his said he didn't think there were any more big bears in the area where I got him.

Guess I was lucky. And I still have the two other cartons of molasses.

- Mike Duff, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
Suncor retiree Al lilke is shown here with a fine lake trout taken on a fly-in fishing trip with friend Dennis Sawchuk to Charles Lake, north of Fort McMurray at the territories border.

"We didn't weigh or measure this one, just photographed and released it. During this trip we had a ball catching many lakers and big jacks. The trip was wonderful."
This is a photo of a northern pike my buddy Jake Knapp caught in Bistcho Lake. He caught it on a hook he snagged off the bottom of the lake about an hour before. The fish is 49 1/2 inches long and weighed in at 30-pounds. He caught the fish on the first afternoon of our trip. The ice was just coming off the lake. The photo is of me holding the fish.

- Mike Longtin
This 10 lb walleye was caught by Sherrill Simmons of Edmonton. The fish was caught at Pigeon Lake. Pigeon is one of the great walleye lakes in Alberta as long as they keep the season closed. I hope it never opens again.

- Grant Simmons
This is a photo of my son Chance with a walleye he caught last year on Chin Reservoir. He'd love it if you put it on the site.

- Thanks, Tyler W.
This was the first time I hunted strictly for elk. It was about 7:00 a.m. on opening day when me and a buddy walked down a trail that lead to a clear cut area. We came across two cows and a calf right away. We sat and watched them for a few minutes and then one of the cows caught wind of us. A few more minutes passed before she trotted off along with the other cow and calf. Then the bull stepped out along with another cow giving me a perfect broadside shot. Unfortunately for my partner, he never got to see the bull until it was shot due to a tree blocking his vision. Lucky for me! 

- Michael Swetlikoff
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