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I have tags for whitetail. Where is a good place to go near Edmonton. I have tried WMU439 and it is no good. Can you advise me? WMUs I have are 300, 400 and 500 series.

- Khalid, Edmonton

Hi Khalid,

Check out the Alberta Conservation Association Discovery Guide. It lists loads of great properties to hunt in your area.

Good luck,


I'm a fairly new hunter and I've been out to wmu 417 to hunt deer and grouse but was not successful. In fact, I didn't see a single grouse and just a few does on the road. I'm wondering if you have any tips or areas for that area and for all the sorrunding areas (420,326,328,316)? Also what would be a good area (crown land) within a few hours drive of Calgary that would offer general whitetail and grouse hunting?

- Ed, Calgary

My son and I are looking for a good Ruffed Grouse hunting spot. I hear the Mountain WMU'S south of Calgary are a good spot, but I'm not sure where that is. Can you help me to locate this area?

- Bert, Calgary

I see a past reference to Skinner peep sights. It seems that people have been able to procure them. I have a Henry rimfire for which these sights would be ideal (Williams firesights would be a lesser option). Any idea where I could source them?

- David, Calgary

Many people here ask about crown land for shooting and get the same answer-"Go and shoot at the range", What about actual crown land, not range shooting? Any reasonable maps, this info looks like very hidden. Even police and government are either hiding this info or they don't know it well. Do you know?

- Andre, Leduc

First elk hunt this year and was awarded a 6 point or larger in wmu 406. This is my dream hunt but as the area wasn't my first choice, I'm lost without even getting started . Any tips on where to start is the enormous zone or anyone I could come in to contact with about hunting on private land?

Jeff, Calgary

I hunted in Alberta for most of my younger life. I haven't had a licence for likely 20 years and now want to hunt with my son in law. I have my FAC. Do I need to do anything special to get my Wildlife Identification Number.
I had hunting licences before.

- Cam, Calgary

Hi Cam,

That’s great that you are getting back into hunting. The first thing I’d recommend that you do is give the hunting regulation a thorough read as all of your questions are answered in there. They can be found at

But to specifically answer your question, this is directly from the regs:


WIN Card
Hunters and anglers in Alberta must possess a 10-digit Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) to apply for draws, purchase wildlife certificates, licences and replacements. The cost is $8.00 plus GST and is valid for five years; renewal fee is also $8.00.
If purchasing at an Issuer please bring your WIN Card. Please keep your information up to date; address changes can be made online or at an issuer.

Wildlife Certificate
Hunters must possess a valid Wildlife Certificate and the applicable hunting licence to hunt big game or game birds. Licences and applicable tags must be carried on their person while hunting. A Wildlife Certificate is not required to apply on the hunting draws.

Licensing requirements for first-time hunters
NOTE: Effective (2014) all new first-time hunters who have qualified for obtaining recreational hunting licences by successfully completing the Alberta Conservation and Hunter education course, will be required to provide on their WIN application form, their hunter certificate number that is issued to each course graduate, in order to be eligible to purchase a hunting licence.

A first-time hunter is a hunter who 1) has not previously held a hunting licence in Alberta or elsewhere, or 2) has not prior to April 1, 2010, met Alberta first-time hunter criteria, or 3) has not successfully completed a hunter education course in Alberta or elsewhere.

Non-resident and non-resident alien hunters (12 years of age or older) are exempt from the first-time hunter eligibility requirement if they are accompanied by a Hunter Host or a Designated Guide while hunting in Alberta.

Youth first-time hunters must be at least 12 years old to hunt under the authority of any hunting licence in Alberta. All hunters under the age of 16 years must have written permission from a parent or guardian to purchase hunting licences. Hunters who are 11 years old may apply in the draws for licences if they meet the above criteria, but they must be 12 years old anytime before or during the open season for that draw. They may not hunt until they are 12 years old. Note: As of 2007, hunters who are 12 or 13 years of age are no longer restricted to hunting big game with only a bow and arrow. To hunt with a firearm, hunters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian or by a person 18 years of age or older who has the written permission of the parent or legal guardian. If a youth turns 18 during the hunting season, they can continue to hunt using their valid licence.

If you are interested in taking the Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education course, call the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association toll-free in Alberta at 1-866-852-4342, Edmonton 780-466-6682, or Calgary 403-252-8474.

It should also be noted that there is no longer an FAC but rather it was replaced with a PAL\POL so you should ensure yours is up to date.

Good luck and hopefully you rediscover your love of hunting this fall.

It appears that there have been quite a few closures of public areas to go skeet shooting. I was wondering if there are any public areas left within Calgary where I am able to skeet shoot with friends (does not include ranges you have to pay).

- Brian, Calgary

Have you heard any rumors about the way fishing draws for walleye in Alberta are being done? The people I fish with are not getting drawn. I have not had a draw for Pigeon Lake in the last 3 years. Friends can't get a draw for Fawcette. I have heard rumors about government interference.

- Steve, Edmonton

I'm new to Edmonton and want to practice skeet shooting. Where around the area could I legally discharge a firearm?

- Zach, Edmonton

I'm looking for a good spot to take my young kids fishing from shore. Any thoughts near Calgary would be appreciated.

- Paul, Calgary

I live in Calgary and I'm looking for a good spot for hunting rabbits and birds near Calgary. Any leads would be appreciated.

- Aaron, Calgary

Hello, I am new to the Edmonton area and I am an air rifle hunter who is looking for a legal area to shoot gophers and pigeons. Any idea of any areas would be greatly appreciated. I'm also looking for a guy to take out some pigeons with.

- Jordon, Edmonton

I'm looking at purchasing a house with acreage within an hour of Calgary. I'm just wondering what areas would have higher whitetail populations in that area?

- Ryan. Calgary

Do you know how big brown and rainbow trout get in the bow river? Any idea of the largest ones caught?

- Preston Thirlwall

I'm looking for some crown land to go do some skeet shooting in Fort McMurray. IHunter AB app doesn't have a county map for sale that I can see. Other links mention tower road around there? Is that info reliable?

- Steven, Fort McMurray

I just completed my hunting course and passed the exam. I am looking for opportunity to join experience hunters in next seasons. Are there any groups which welcome first time inexperienced hunters to start the journey?

- Edmond, Calgary

Hey, I was one of the lucky ones that drawed the Hay-Zama Bison hunt this year. I went up for a couple days recently and looked around the area NE and SE of Zama, saw some old tracks and old activity but I couldn't find anything new? Any tips for me?

- Dan, Alberta

I'm new to Alberta and looking to get out to hunt Elk within the next couple of weeks.
What areas that are still in season would be best in the 3 areas near Calgary? (any others you recommend?)

1. CFB Suffield (are there different rules for Suffield?).
2. (Prairie) WMUs 124, 128, 142, 148, 150.
- Is this area farmland? If so, are there open areas, or a list of farmers who allow hunters on their land?
3. (Foothills) WMUs 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 308, 310.
- Mostly farmland? I see Bob Creek Provincial Park is in WMU 308, is that a good area?

Any suggestions would be great. Appreciate your time.

- Chad, Calgary

Hi, me and some buddies are planning a spring black bear hunt. I am just curious, where are some good hunting areas?

- Jake, Red Deer

What's the difference between a supplemental whitetail and a general whitetail?

- Andrew, Alberta

I'm fairly new to Alberta and very new at hunting... I've actually got 2 related questions:

1) Are there any good areas near Edmonton (1-2 hrs) to hunt grouse? I only really know of Jack Pine and haven't had much luck out there.

2) I'm headed down near Caroline, AB this weekend and thinking of bringing my .22 along just in case there are a few birds about. Any recommendations for places to go?

Also, I wouldn't be opposed to meeting a like-minded individual who has experience hunting grouse in the Edmonton area. Is there a sort of "Plenty of Fish" for hunting?

- Andrew, Edmonton

I'm looking to find a decent spot to shoot a coyote. I would really like a pelt this year as I have not had many opportunities to down one! Please help with some spots? The closer to south Calgary, the better.

- Brayden, Calgary

Hey, I'm new to the Red Deer area and I am wondering where I can go to hunt whitetail? Any suggestions would be awesome.

- Logan, Red Deer

I'm new to hunting and missed draws for the second year. I'm looking for a good spot for mule, whitetail and elk.

Harold (316) is the only place I see with all 3 as a general at the same time. I think it's the only spot I have seen mule deer with a general. Is there a better place with less traffic that has all 3 or atleast mulie and 1 other.

- Will, Calgary

I have a Parker Hale 30.06 that I have used for many years and have been quite successful. It seems to be a bit off now and I want to replace it. Some have suggested a Sako 85 270 with scope to go the 400 yards I have experienced of late with some elk. I shoot mostly deer and moose but the elk have been a bit of fun after 40 years of just getting some meat in the freezer. Can you suggest a rifle and scope good at 400 yards with maybe a range finder in the scope? I like bolt actions and the stock with an inside pad. It will probably be my last major hunting expense so I expect maybe $2K or something.

- Robert, Grande Prairie

Just wondering what zones and areas I'm able to purchase a general 3 poiint or larger elk tag?

- Dwayne, Stettler

Hey I'm new to shooting. Just got my first gun a couple days ago and I have nowhere to shoot. Just curious as to where is some crown land close to the city where I can fire off a box of shells? And also, what kind of documentation is needed to be shooting on crown land? Either near the city or Red Water/Fort Saskatchewan area, I just want to go shoot a target.

- Jordan, Edmonton

I am new to the area, have passed the hunter safety course, as well as passed firearms safety. I am looking for someone that knows some areas for elk and deer and wouldn't mind taking on a new hunter. I have been using a compound bow and am good to 40 yards accuratley and consistently.

- John, Calgary

I was wondering if you could recommend a place near Edmonton where I can shoot rabbits?

- Dominic, Edmonton

Is there somewhere online where I can look to find out moose populations in the various hunting zones in Alberta? As well, I had heard that the populations in some areas were hit hard with winter ticks this year. Is there somewhere to confirm this information?

- Gerry, Calgary

Hello! I am relatively new to hunting (had a great successful first season), and am now looking in to a more serious pursuit. Starting out, there is a lot of gear I do not have, and like most, a lot of money I do not have. So would you have suggestions yourself, or ideas on where to look for a good prioritization of gear? What items should I buy before others and what ones deserve the most cost? I have an interest in doing some backcountry pack-in Elk hunting. I have a plenty of experience in backcountry multi-day travel so that is not the issue, just the hunting specific gear...pack frame, range finder, binoculars, spotting scope, calls. I have a rifle and a Sitka cloudburst jacket, and lots of other none-hunting specific camping gear (internal from pack, stove, sleep system, etc.) I could use....anyway, any help is appreciated!

- Abe, Linden

I have heard there are wild hogs stemming from captive game hunts in Alberta, both in the south and up in areas around Edmonton. However, I have had very little success finding any more information than that. There is no licensing information for them, so is it legal to hunt them? And would you have any more leads or suggestions on where to go and how to go about it? Thanks!

- Abe, Linden

Hi, I'm located in Edmonton and looking for a hunting partner. Passionate 32 year old hunter, non-smoker and non-dinker in good physical condition. I will hunt in the mountains this year for elk around RMH.

- Ivan, Edmonton

I am new to archery and have never hunted anything other than coyotes and other pests. I am hoping to bag my first mule deer with a recurve this fall. I am looking for someone with experience who can help me get my bow set up and tuned adequately and maybe give me some tips on gear.

- Seth, Linden

So if there is a roost pond a 1/3 of a mile away from an oat field that geese have been feeding on, If we shoot the first few singles that come into our spread on the field, will the rest of the geese on the roost pond hear the shots and not come to us?

- Caden, MN

Is there any public land near Calgary where I can hunt rabbits? I'm new to hunting and would like to start small and was told rabbits are good for beginners. Any help would be much appreciated.

- Denver, Calgary

For the beginners, are budget rifles such as Savage AXIS II XP, Mossberg Patriot, Ruger American and Remington 783 worth it to buy for hunting?
If yes, please indicate which mark?
If no, what is your suggestion?

- Saeid, Calgary

What calibre rifle would you suggest for hunting coyotes and other predators? Where would I find out who buys coyotes?

I really want to get a badger. Do you have any suggestions?

- Rory, Calgary

I have some experience hunting. I have general elk and whitetail tags. I am looking for a hunting partner that's safe and not into partying. I have my own gear, I just need someone with some more experience and a love for the outdoors.

- Rodney, Fort Saskatchewan

I inherited a Sako in 222 Remington magnum. I know Remington no longer produces this round... what are my options here?

- JD, Ontario

Is it legal to target shoot on private land if you have the owner's permission? I can't seem to find any decisive information about the subject. How can I fin out if there is a sound bylaw etc.? I'm fairly new to target shooting and I don't want to break any laws. I know people that own land close to Millarville so I would appreciate info for that area and also directly west of Calgary.

- David, Calgary

Hello, I am looking for somewhere close to Edmonton to hunt ruffed grouse. Any suggestions? Also, any hunting hints for ruffed grouse?

- Scott, Edmonton

Where is the best place near lethbridge to hunt whitetails and mulies? My dad moved here from Quebec and wants to hunt. Any ideas would help a lot.

- Jason, Lethbridge

I am looking for some back country or some crown land close to Camrose that I can go camping and dirt biking. I do not like camp sites.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

- Liz, Calgary

What are the laws with respect to bowhunting within town or city limits in Alberta?

- Ian, Red Deer

This year I was lucky enough to draw a tag for the wild buffalo hunt in Alberta but have not been able to find a lot of resources with advice for methods of hunting and the terrain, even age and sex identification. Where can I find more information and do you have any advice to start with? Thanks, also looking for experienced hunters to come along with me on this hunt.

- Jennifer, Calgary

I am new to the area and looking for a place to hunt deer. Do you have any suggestions?

- Brian, St. Albert

I have been hunting since I was 10 years old and now I am 49 years old. I just moved to Calgary and I am an expert in shooting and reloading rifles and shotguns. I am looking for a partner who knows the Alberta area for hunting. I have my truck and all the stuff for hunting and camping.

- Elzobidi, Calgary

I am looking for a gun verifier in the Lethbridge area. I am hoping that you will be able to help me with this?

- Linda, Lethbridge

My dad is coming from Ontario and we have been looking up all the rules and regs for hunting around the Bashaw area. I cannot find any places to go. Also for hunting deer/ moose, do you wear camo or orange? it is very unclear on what to wear for hunting moose/deer and the best dates to go as well. I'm new to Alberta and everything is so different compared to Ontario.

- Becca, Bashaw

Can I go goose hunting on Kakut Lake near Grande Prairie, Alberta?

- Andreas, Grande Prairie

Can I target practice with a rifle on crown land, should I notify anybody such as police, fish & game or can you do what our grand parents did and just shoot in the back 40?

- Chad, Grande Prairie

I've been shooting on and off for about 5 years now and would love to get out more. I'm looking for an archery friend who would like to get together and go shooting from time to time. I'm curious as to if anyone is interested?

- Victoria, Edmonton

Hello, I live in Calgary and I am looking for a place to do some small game bird hunting (grouse) that is reasonably close. Does anyone have any suggestions?

- Andrew, Calgary

This is the first year I applied for mule doe draw and got it, but my question is because there's open archery season on mule doe in all 4 zones around me without draw, do I still have to fill my antlerless mule in my draw zone during archery season?

- Ryan, Red Deer

Can you shoot at big game while they are in water?

- Thomas, Alberta

Once I get my harvest home, do I need to de-bone the meat before throwing it into my freezer? Will it spoil or taint the meat in any way if I leave the bone attached to the meat for a couple of months?

- Andy, Calgary

I want to get my bowhunting licence, but I was told you have to take a certain course(s). I was wondering what course(s) exactly?

- Mads, Alberta


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