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Hi, my name is Julianne. I have been fishing pike for about 14 years, and it took me until Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 at 11:30am to catch one of the biggest pike I have ever seen.

I was trolling with my favourite spoon that I always use and all of a sudden BANG! My rod went down almost to the water and then I knew I had a fish on. I could feel it pulling the rod towards the bottom and my husband Dave yelling, “Keep your tip up!” So, with the tip up and 25 minutes later, I got the pike to the boat with about a garbage bag full of weeds—the pike looked like a big log behind all those weeds.

Then the fun began trying to get the pike in the boat with all of us so excited to see him. My husband’s friend Chris and I were trying to get all the weeds off my line and Dave was holding my rod. I got the pike in the boat and we were all so happy. People said after seeing my pictures, “Why didn’t you keep him?” I said, “Because next time I catch him, he will be longer than 48 inches and weigh more than 34 pounds. Chris took a lot of pictures of me and my pike so I will always have that and the excitement I felt that day.

Thank you God, that was awesome!

- Julianne Bartsch
Dear Alberta Outdoorsmen,

I checked my trail cam this morning and found an awesome picture of a 4x4 buck that I have named Bob. Thought you might like to see the photo.

- Rob Mitchell
Hi, attached is a picture of my father-in-law, Gordon Gudeit, from Vernon, BC with his first bull elk. He shot it on September 21, 2011 in WMU 346 near Whitecourt, after successfully calling him in with three days of effort. With him in the picture is his wife Colene who you happened to post in your magazine and your web gallery last fall with her first bull. Looks like Gord evened the score this year for the boys and halted the girl’s egos.

They both have hunted very hard and proven lots of patience and both have been rewarded deservingly. Hopefully your amazing magazine can again find room within its pages to give Gord the credit he deserves with his trophy.

- Randy Feist
This is a photo of my stepdaughter Olivia (5) on her very first fishing trip. She hooked and landed her first fish ever, a 64 cm pike on Cold Lake. As I netted it and lifted it from the water, it started to thrash about, spraying water in Olivia’s face and causing her to wince and turn away just as her mom, Liana, caught the perfect moment on camera. Since then it has been hard to keep her off the water.

- Adam Martin
Here's a photo of one of the bigger beaver caught on the trapline this fall in wmu 360.

- Andy Savill
I've Been trying to get a hunt going in the Yukon with my cousin for 3 years and finally this was the year.

I Told Blaine that I wanted the true Yukon experience and the chance of tagging a big one. He asked if I was lucky and I told him that I have been known to be. With the challenge thrown down, he and his friends took me into a relatively new area for them as it was way out in no-man's land.

A week's hunting had provided the camp 4 moose and a caribou, but I still had not seen that gagger I was after. Warm weather had the bigger bulls still high in the hills. We came back to Whitehorse just long enough to restock and let the weather cool a bit. With everyone else back to work, it was just the two of us back to camp to continue hunting. The first night's calling provided plenty of action from a great bull. We left him with high anticipation that he would give me a shot at him the next morning. I was hoping that brilliant northern lights and heavy frost the next morning was a good omen.
Calling in the same spot the next morning had three different bulls responding with this eventual gagger coming to a cow call and giving me a chance at him as he crossed the river and shook himself off. Two shots dropped him in the willows.

He turned out to be non-typical with a 75 1/2" antler spread. Huge elk like tines and kickers off the rear of his palms made him a real gagger with character. My local experts told me that he was a old male that would have had his biggest rack last year or the year before. Turns out that he is the biggest non-typical my cousin or any of his friends have ever seen. Talk about first time lucky... can hardly wait to head up again.

- Barry Demchuk
I got this buck on the first day of the rifle season in the County of Wetaskiwin. My husband Larry and I have been seeing him for the last three years. We named him "Target". I have his shed, a cam photo of him and now him. It was scored by Dave Powell and grossed 168 4/8 and netted 162 4/8. Can't wait to see him on our wall.

- Thérèse Labelle
Hey there,
Not sure I'm sending this pictures to the right place but my friend and I have always read the magazine and wanted to be in it. Here's a picture.

- Hailey C
While moose hunting in the Fox Creek area, I checked the pictures on my trail Cam and got this great picture of a woodland caribou.

I then headed back to camp and noticed a caribou a distance in front on me on a cutting line coming towards me. I got off my quad, grabbed my camera and got into a good position to take a few pictures. As luck would have it, the caribou walked within 15 yards of me! I took approximately 8 pictures, these are the best of them. Given that it ended up being the same caribou, I thought I'd share the story and pictures.

- Garry Achtemichuk

My name is Curtis Wells. My brother and I have spent a fair bit of time this spring looking for spot and stalk black bear. With one close call and many miles later we haven't got much to show. On the other hand, my camera is always close by. While traveling to our spot I watched this owl fly up into a small poplar tree just off the road and I jumped out for a few quick shots. After reviewing them I thought you may like to have a look.

- Curtis Wells

We really enjoy your magazine and hope to see all kids, big and small, get a chance to experience the great outdoors that Alberta can offer as far as fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation. Keep up the great work on outdoor education.

- Dan Stevens

I took this photo of four mule deer near Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

- Sbrina Czuroski

I am a dedicated subscriber to Alberta Outdoorsmen and I share all the information with my family and friends. I got a few of them to subscribe but the ones that haven’t, I buy them issues for birthdays etc. I not only enjoy hunting in the outdoors, but I am also a huge fan of photography. I can hunt with my camera when hunting season is over. I have included this awesome shot of this mule deer that seems to “know” hunting season is over. Hopefully others will enjoy this shot.

- Dan White

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