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Brandon Darling has been hunting since he was 12 years old. Last season in the company of his friend Kevin he shot a White Tail Deer at a 200 yard range in Northern Alberta. The Buck scored 182 6/8 and is going to be an impressive addition to his trophy room.

It has been an aspiration of mine to shoot a good size whitetail. I am grateful in that I have already shot plenty of animals in my 13 years in the field. I have spent a lot of time hunting whitetails, but they have always seemed to evade me. Every year, in hunting season I set a goal for myself. This year I was determined to attain a giant northern Alberta whitetail. With a little luck and a lot of perseverance this year was a success. I saw the deer at 100 yards on the way to town. At the time neither my partner nor I had a rifle with us. So we decided to drive back to where we were staying to get our equipment and then head out to the neighbouring land that we had obtained permission to hunt on. I got set-up with my hunting partner and we started rattling, to attract the deer’s attention. While I had seen the deer heading in our direction, an hour had passed and we still did not see him. We had just about given up and began discussing a new plan and sure enough he walked out. My gun was still on the ground with my bipods out so it did not take long for me to find him in my scope. One shot and that is all she wrote. So far in my experience this has been one of my most memorable hunting trips. I want to thank my partner Kevin for all his help.
To Alberta Outdoorsmen,
Last day of hunting season and Will is fresh off the bus from school. Off he goes with Grandpa for one last attempt as we were all skunked this year.

The sun was going down in 15 minutes and there he was, maybe a 50 yard shot. A 13 year olds first buck! One shot, a little wait that felt like forever, and he was right where he was standing. Memories forever.

- Asher Keim
I shot this antelope south of Buffalo Alberta. It has 15 and 1/2 inch horns, 6 inch bases, 5 inches at the prong and has a spread of 28 inches. The animal is now at Artistic Taxidermy and will be scored after the drying period.

- Robert Frost
This was by far my biggest trout ever. Jigging in 60 ft on a drop off near the shore, on the opening fishing day, it turned out to be a unforgettable opening day. Within a hour of fishing that morning I hooked a small laker. I kept on the same area for a while longer then I dropped my jig a little deeper when WHACK. I set the hook several times, it's very hard to ensure a good hook set. Then after a few angry head shakes, it began to sound. With a smile from ear to ear I knew I had a lunker on. I knew I would have to be very patient if I was going to land my biggest trout ever with a medium rod and 10pd test. The fish began to take more and more line and pulled my canoe around for a 1/4 mile or more out to deeper water in this great southern Alberta lake. After gaining and losing line for 2.5 hours, to my delight, it finally started to come up. So with my XL net I bought in anticipation for a big-one, I tried to net it head first when it suddenly went stiff lengthwise. It would not go in the net, it was too thick and too long. I thought OH NO I blew it, then right after I was able to lift the net, the giant bent in half and fell into the net. I was excited like never before. It made about 20 good meals for my family and took up a good portion of my deep freezer with many great stories to add. I used someones old rusty scale and it buried it at 25 pounds but I know it was a lot more than that. Thanks for all the advice all of you have given over the years on fishing, with many tricks you have given, it has really helped me dial in on them. I am forever hooked.

- Dallas 

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Aquino of Lacombe Alberta i want to share what i caught at the Twin Lake Rocky Mountain area. It's a rainbow trout weighing 12 lbs and with a lenght of 23 inches.
This is two pictures of my Mother in Law with her first ever elk on her first ever hunt. Colene Gudeit From Vernon, BC is pictured with her proud husband Gordon Gudeit with the elk that their daughter Jolene called in for her in wmu 346 near Whitecourt. This was also Jolenes first ever attempt at calling elk. They have both referred to this experience as a bonding experience that was second to none and just unbelievable and exciting. Colene placed a perfect shot at 80 yards as they had two bulls going at the same time, one on each side of them. Thanks for posting this guys, I know they would love to share their experience with everybody.

- Randy

Wanted to share with you my first big game hunting experience. I have never shoot anything other than a gopher and this was quite an exciting catch for me! She weighted approx 250lbs and was taken in section 514 about 40 minutes outside Cold Lake, Alberta. Can't wait to get out again in November to maybe tag a Buck! Thanks for your time!

- Michelle Carhart

Enjoy your magazine and thought I would send you my 16 year old son Spencer`s first whitetail buck. The older gentleman in the picture is his grandfather, James Nesterchuk. Although my son was very excited, his grandfather was ecstatic and couldnt stop himself from jumping around and giving high fives and hugs to each of us every 20 seconds. It was a very proud moment for all of us.

It was taken the last day of the season at 1600 hrs, November 30th 2010 in WMU 220. It was an amazing day as that evening, Spencer also won his footballs team's Coaches Award.

Thank You

- Barry Nesterchuk

I got this big buck on November 9, 2010, near Long Lake, when I was out hunting with my husband, Jeff, and our eight year old son, Seth. Seth and I had hunted all morning, and had not seen a thing, so we decided to head back to the quad to have lunch. We were surprised to see Jeff waiting for us, and he told us he had shot a nice buck in the morning, and he needed help to get it out of where it was. We took the quads and retrieved Jeff's nice buck, and then came back to the area where we were and had parked the quads before. We planned to have lunch and decide where to hunt for the afternoon. I just got my sandwich out, and Jeff said, "Why don't you shoot that deer right there?" I looked eighty yards down the cutline, and there was a whitetail buck. I grabbed my rifle, loaded a single shell, knelt and shot. The buck buckled sideways and took off. He ran about twenty yards and went down along a fallen tree. I couldn't believe the size of him when we walked up to him. It was great to have my husband and our son right there to share in the excitement.

- Denise White
Dear Alberta Outdoorsmen,

I thought I would share a couple of photos of my daughters Abigayle (7 years old) and Novalee (3 years old). They have been hunting with me several times, but this year we really got them involved. My wife and I found out we were having a third (and last, I might add!) child due in January. I was really hoping for a boy this time, but the ultrasound proved otherwise. Judging by the photo, I won't have to worry about not sharing my passions with three girls. They may be cute little girly-girls, but they have a hidden redneck side. Abby is rather disappointed that she will not be able to shoot a deer for another five years.

Thanks for letting me share.

- Wesley Underhill
Just thought I'd share with you this big buck I took in Elkwater Alberta this year.

- Tyson Ziegler
My name is Wyatt Nelson and I am 14 years old. I live in Coaldale Alberta and I would like to show my picture. I shot my first mule deer buck with my first rifle, a model 94 Winchester 30.30 lever action.
I took this spring bear up in Rainbow Lake WMU 536. It is my first bear ever and it measured just over 5 feet and was taken at 20:30 on May 16th 2011. It was a spot and stalk hunt alone and I got within 40 yards. I give photo credit to Sheldon Arams for coming out and helping take photos and prep for taxidermy with his busy schedule.

- Jesse Lougheed
I had been shingling my dads shed for career day in grade nine. As I was shingling this very large moose walked right into my back yard. Being hunting season, I was eager to get my bow and have a go at this moose. I snaked my way up to my house without detection from the moose. I called my dad and told him to come home; I then got ready to shoot this moose. My dad got home and I showed him the moose that had only gotten closer since I last saw him. My dad and I went to opposite sides of the garage. I let my dad shoot first, knowing my dad would do better than me on this easy 25 yard shot. He shot and missed by a good foot or so over its back. The moose didn't budge. It was my turn. I drew my bow, the moose was nearly broadside. I shot him right in the front of the chest. We then went back to shinging and after an hour we found my moose 300 yards from the original spot. I am Dallin Bates, I was 14, and this was my first big game kill.
Was out quadding last weekend and ran into a bunch of sheep. Thought you would like to see them. It was about 5700-feet elevation, that’s what my GPS said. Hope you enjoy the pics, going back soon.
Great magazine by the way.

- Wayne from Drayton Valley

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