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Here's a couple big wolves I have got, shot a lot more but these ones are the biggest. My grey wolf was mounted by Brian Dobson (Artistic Taxidermy). It scored better than 15th in the world (SCI) when I had him scored.
I shot him in 2003 in the neck with my .270 win 150 grain grand slam at 220 yds and the bullet never exited, which was good for the mount.
The pig weighed 510lbs. We had to load him and then take him to a truck weigh scale, weighed truck with and without him. I have two uncles that have both shot a pig that was just as big as this guy. Just thought I would send you some wolf and pig pics because you dont see many.
Heres a pic to compare that wolf with a coyote. He green scored over 17" - not quite as big as my grey one but a fine wolf.

- Trevor
This is a pic of my 7 year old.

This was his first time fly fishing and he reeled in a 23 inch rainbow trout. This is a day he will never forget, nor will we.

- Mona
I just thought I would send a pic because I am so proud of my first bear taken with a bow. We were in Peers, Alberta with McLeod Outdoor Adventures and Jim and Vickie Henderson do an amazing job with baiting. We didnt see too much because of the snow but as soon as we got back there were six more barrels hit so we are going back up this fall for a wolf hunt and a bear hunt next spring.

- Jeff Young
This is my first whitetail and I shot him in WMU 312. Our hunting party had been hunting all week for elk moose and deer. My dad's friend had shot a 5x5 bull elk and my grandpa had shot a 48" bull moose on the last day of the trip. I was pretty disappointed that I didnt get anything but my luck changed. When we arrived back at the trucks we loaded our horses and out of nowhere comes a herd of about 30 whities and one good 4x3 buck. so I snuck through the rye field and got within 75 yards and started shooting with my 243 win. The first shot was dead on.

- Reid Snodgrass
It was November 9th at 2 pm when I was walking a ravine in WMU 334, a ravine I never bothered with before due to the lack of cover so I thought. But being mid afternoon, I decided to walk it just to see if I could see any signs of tracks. The wind was blowing into the ravine and everything was against me, so I thought, but I persisted anyway, when out of the blue my buck jumped up from a little clump of willows and started to run. I blew on my grunt call and he stopped just long enough to get a shot off and down he went. Normally I never go to this spot but the weekend before we saw a huge buck from the road and it was only about a half mile away. This is my first true buck I have shot and I honestly could hardly breath when I walked up to him. I will be getting the score back from him when I get the mount back and he will be going on my wall.

- Travis Saunders
I have been hunting since I can remember with a rifle but in 2006 took up bowhunting. To anyone that has not bowhunted it is the most amazing feeling when you get something with your bow. I live by Pigeon Lake, Alberta and I have a few places I like to hunt but one I have been trying to get permission on for quite sometime now. The problem with permission is that the person that owns the land has four sons and three of them are big hunters. I am friends with all of them so they always bug me that I can't hunt there, that was until I got a bow. I finally asked the second oldest brother if it would be okay for me to hunt with my bow on their land because none of them bow hunt. He was good with this mainly because it's a bow and they have no faith in a bow. So I got my stand hung up and put out my trail camera and waited for opening day. When it finally came around I could not hunt much because of a new job. The season started on the 3rd of September and I did not get into my stand until the 12th. So there I am the first night I have hunted for the season I got in my stand about 4:00 and right around seven o'clock I could hear something coming up behind me. At first I thought it was just a coyote. It took about 45 minutes to show its face and as it got closer I could tell it was a nice buck. I had to wait another 15 minutes for him to come into shooting range and he finally did. I shot and down he went. To make an already long story short the brothers were happy but not happy for me - they have never got a deer that big on their own land and I guess I will have to wait and see if I ever get to hunt that stand again.

- Brad Tourett
My dad and I went for an evening hunt on November 9th. At about 4:40 my dad spotted a good size buck comming out from behind the bushes. He stopped right behind a fence post from the angle I was sitting and I couldn't get a clear shot. We waited for about five minutes and then he finally started walking across the power-line we were sitting in.  As he walked across the opening my dad grunted a couple of times to make him stop, giving me a perfect broad side shot. I shot him right in the shoulder resulting in him dropping about 60 yards from where he was hit. It was a very successful hunt. This is the same place I shot my first deer last year, it seems to be a lucky place for me. I would like to thank my dad, Raymond Menard for sharing his knowledge in hunting and for bringing me out hunting with him. It is because of him that I love to hunt.

- Ashley Kendall Menard
I had been applying for a sheep draw in WMU 410 for eight years. When I received the news that I got the draw I couldn't believe it.

I drove to Canmore and purchased maps and started to get information on this zone. I spent hours on Google Earth looking at the terrain. I lined up a friend of mine that guided for years for sheep. When the time came to go he informed me that a personal thing had come up and he could not go. I lined up another sheep hunter that let me down at the last minute. With only 10 days left in the season I called an outfitter in that area that happened to have a guide that would come with me and another hunter.

On Monday of the last week we started our 18 kilometre walk to the main base camp. With my bow and pack I enjoyed the walk with some of the best scenery on earth. We got to camp about 4:00 pm and set up camp, got the fire going and ate supper. We just had time to sight in our bows and do a little glassing before night came.

It blew hard all night. Our camp was at 8000 feet where wind is common. The next morning we were up before light. The temperature was -12 Celsius with only two inches of snow, which was great for the end of November.

After glassing for two hours I decided to climb a steep hill to glass on the other side. After a few minutes I noticed some sheep right beside a line of timber about 1 kilometre away. I soon noticed a ram with a full curl with 10 ewes. I quickly went down to where the guide was with the other hunter. We went back up the hill and had one more look. We planned a stock through the trees to where they were.

The climb was very steep and hard. After climbing to 8500 feet we got to where we had last seen them. As I approached the clearing I saw four ewes under me. From the corner of my eye I saw the ram and ewes on top of me as they started running up the steep mountain. I pulled my bow back as he stopped and looked at me for a second. The guide that was with me called 64 yards as I shot. The sheep leaped ahead and the arrow stuck him in the back of the lungs. As he went over the hill we knew I had hit him good. We followed him for a little ways and finished him by some trees.

What a hunt! The rest of the day was spent getting the sheep back to base camp. The next morning I loaded my cape, horns, meat and headed back to the truck 18 kilometres away. By the time I got there my 75 pound pack weighed a ton. What a great hunt and what a first sheep. It was my lucky hunt as the other hunter spent the rest of the week and came out empty-handed. Sixty days later we measured it at 158 1/8. This was one of the best hunts ever.

- Rene
Covering ground in the bush to pick up moose tracks for my buddy Randy. We meet on a cutline and I stay on some fresh tracks going further east about 50 yards. I hear a grunt call from Randy. I turn and there’s this youngster standing there. He popped out of the bush right between us. I scrambled for my camera (under my camo) and started snapping pictures. He was clueless to our presence—the wind was good and neither of us moved. I took 5-6 pictures before he moved off.

The question has been raised more than a few times: “What if he was a 200-inch deer?” My long time buddy and I both joke and then say, “I can find a new friend anytime!!”

– Kelly Dressler
Drayton Valley, Alberta
This is a deer that we have been watching for a year and finally got a good picture of it. We are not sure if this is a true albino as last fall it had more grey. Nevertheless, this is very different than the other deer and in the river valley it sticks out like a sore thumb. This picture was taken in an area about 1 hour north of Edmonton.

- Mike Grimmeyer
I caught this Rainbow Trout in Drywood Creek near the town of Pincher Creek Alberta.

It weighed in at 3.4 lbs and it’s length was 23 ¾” Long.

- Stew Winkelaar

Hello, here are photos of my son Daniel Harasimiuk and his wild game that he shot last fall. He is 14 years old and was hunting with his dad Steve both times. The whitetail green scored 178 net points. The deer's 2007 sheds were found near home and Daniel went each evening, after school, with his Dad or Grampa for two weeks before getting his first and only shot at the deer. The deer was moving from one bluff of trees to another, where Daniel was waiting.

The bear was taken along the Little Smoky River while elk hunting. The bear was his first animal taken after 4 days hunting. He was very happy with that success. The next day he shot his first cow elk, when he was on a cutline next to the river.

2008 was a very good year for this young hunter. This fall Daniel and I have been drawn for Camp Wainwright deer and antlered mule deer at Manyberries. Hope to have more pictures or a story to tell.

- Steve Harasimiuk
These are two pictures of our 3 year old daughter Shelby who loves to hunt. She has literally been hunting with us since she was 2 days old and loves every minute of hunting season. This is from one of this years goose/duck shoots.

- Chariti and Glen Sawchuk
A grunt called him in from 1100 yards. It was shoot or get trampled as he came in hot and heavy. He was hard in rut. Within 5 minutes of this kill another 145-150 hog strolled onto the same cut (following rub lines). Although the tags where filled we grunted for fun. Here he comes!! If we didn't jump up at 20 yards he would of ran us over. He still refused to leave grunting snorting and aggressive pawing . After a couple minutes of this 20 yard stand off he meanders into the woods and literally stumbled on the first buck. He took off like he had come face to face with the grim reaper himself. We spotted him again later about 3 miles away and he was still running.

I just wanted to share my story with someone who loves the hunt as much as me.

- Che Leblanc

Hi, my name is Robin L'Heureux. This is a photo my northern pike which I caught ice fishing on the morning of January 30, 2010 at Seibert Lake. The fish weighed 21 pounds (unofficially) and came out to be 43 inches in length.
I have only ever caught one other fish ice fishing in my life and so it never, ever crossed my mind that I would or could catch a fish this big! And it all happened so fast! Thanks to help from my buddy Colbie Coglon-Pasichnuk, I never would have been able to get this guy through the hole. I do intend to get him mounted because I might never catch a fish this size agian!

- Robin L'Heureux
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