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The End of Hunting?

Don’t have a f**king clue who you are, I’m sure a lot of people have beaten me to it, but I had to tell you what a sick f**king waste of flesh you & the rest of your hunter ilk are. I wish the tables were turned, you were naked in woods & the bear had the gun. Seriously f**k you.”

“Why does anyone want to go hunt a defenceless animal? I never see these macho types volunteering for active combat. How gutless. Why does govt. allow this? What type of lady would want to be near a punk like this?

“A magnificent dead animal, and a pathetic live one.”

“leave this world... take your father in law with you... or maybe you might want to hunt each other!”

“We’ll get a Mexican Cartel to put a hit on you and see if you worry about it then!”

These are just a few of the comments former NHL hockey player Tim Brent received after posting a photo on Twitter of a grizzly bear and moose he killed while legally hunting in the Yukon.

Tim Brent is married to Eva Shockey.

Brent, former NHL hockey player and husband to Eva Shockey.

Brent posted the photo with the following words, “Alright folks, here is my Mountain Grizzly! We put an awesome stalk on him but he spotted us at about 75 yards. Instead of taking off, he turned and came right at us. It was very easy to tell this bear owned the valley we were hunting in and wasn’t scared of anything!

I often cringe at many of the hunting photos and videos I see shared on the Internet, photos and videos showing animals suffering before expiring and many other images that certainly need not be shared with the non-hunting public. Hell, if I can’t stand seeing them, why would the non-hunting public want to see them, let alone the antis?

We’re our own worst enemies because in far too many cases, we’re supplying the antis with the ammunition they need to put an end to hunting or severely restrict what we can hunt for, and how. It has already brought an end to some of the tools we were once allowed to use in Alberta. Remember Josh Bowmar, the spear chucker. The photos of him standing over a black bear he killed with a spear brought an end to the use of both spears and atlatls in Alberta.

Now, I’m not saying Tim Brent’s photos aren’t tasteful because to me, they are. Unfortunately, many others that like to use the “C” word far too often when referring to hunters aren’t seeing the hunt for what it was or the positive conservation message that comes with a legal hunt. What they’re seeing is the hunter’s grin, and for many, that’s where they draw the line.

Another poster wrote, “Here’s the problem: the sh!t-eating grin while posing for pictures. If you’re hunting for food, it’s a sad but necessary thing to do. If you’re hunting for conservation, again sad but necessary. If you’re hunting for an Instagram pic, get a new hobby.”

So, now we have to ask ourselves the question, will social media be the end of hunting as we know it? Most likely not. However, what it can do is tarnish the reputation of hunters and hunting, bring about further restrictions on hunters, and sway some of that non-hunting public that doesn’t have an opinion to the other side... if we aren’t mindful of what we post online.

Now, I’m not saying stop posting, please continue to do so, I want to read and see your stories. However, avoid those controversial photos and videos and promote the positive aspects of hunting at the same time because... well, we’re being watched, and those watching could ultimately decide the fate of hunting. ■

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