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Gun Owners will Always be Under Attack

Like most people, I never gave much thought to the United Nations (UN), believing they were an organization dedicated to the betterment of the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then one day I came across a news article discussing UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and their move to try to turn Willmore Wilderness Park into a World Heritage Site.

While at the time it didn’t seem like too much to be concerned about, I was surprised by remarks made by Bazil Leonard, the president of the Willmore Wilderness Foundation. Bazil was definitely concerned. In short, he feared UNESCO would eventually have control over decisions made regarding the traditional uses of the region, namely hunting, fishing and trapping, if the Willmore was given World Heritage Site status. Something he was dead against.

Gun control advocates believe that only the police and the military should use guns.
The way I figured it, if a man of Leonard’s status was concerned, there had to be more to the story. And so I began to do some research of my own. I have to say, that research took me on a mission I never intended. It also opened my eyes to the United Nations, as well as some of the organizations operating in our own backyard. If you care to read my treatise, you can read it here ( in a four-part series titled Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?

Since that time, I have come to view the United Nations with suspicion, in fact; I find the entire organization to be well past its “best before” date. I also believe it is high time Canada cut itself free from the parody and leave the UN.

During the month of July, countries from around the world were at the UN headquarters in New York trying to work out a global arms trade treaty. A treaty that, according to Ottawa defence lawyer, Solomon Friedman, who probably knows Canadian gun law and policy as well as anybody, could become nothing more than a global gun registry and warns, “Canada should tread lightly on this issue.”

In fact, along with the US, Canada did exactly that and the arms trade treaty never got the traction it needed. However, it is far from dead and will rear its ugly head again.

But gun control advocates shouldn’t be surprised, not when the UN is involved.

The UN is so far out of touch with reality, they appointed the Iranian delegation to a lead role—vice-president of the conference—upsetting several members including Canada, who recently closed their embassy in that country. A country with a disgraceful human rights record, who are currently supplying weapons to Syria and Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and working towards nuclear weapons while a member to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Vice-president indeed.

I suppose it makes sense that Iran would like to see a global arms treaty that would remove firearms from its citizens, after all; armed Iranian citizens could lead to an overthrow of the regime.

Clearly without such ambitions, the Canadian delegation to the arms trade treaty suggested that any agreement “must recognize the lawful use and ownership of firearms according to national laws.” Which means that you and I and Uncle George could still keep our rifles and shotguns, much to the chagrin of groups like the Coalition for Gun Control ( or Project Ploughshares (, two groups in this country who will stop at nothing to get your guns and who believe that only the police and the military should have firearms.

According to Kenneth Epps, Senior Program Officer at Project Ploughshares, “Canada suggested particular wording calling for recognition in the treaty preamble ‘that small arms have certain legitimate civilian uses’ and for the exclusion of ‘sporting and hunting firearms for recreational use’ from the scope of the treaty. These suggested changes to the text appear to have been crafted by Canada’s own gun lobby, and echo the position of the US National Rifle Association...”

According to SAAMI, (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute), “Advocates of gun control make two fundamental assumptions: First, that more guns will equal more violence and, second, that more gun control will equal less violence. Both of these assumptions are confounded by history and by facts. They are simply not true.”

But how do we convince gun control advocates of this simple fact when they refuse to look at history and facts?

And now Quebec wants to keep the gun registry alive in that province; I would assume against the wishes of its lawful gun owners.

The federal government, however, will appeal the Superior court ruling that blocked the destruction of those gun registry records.

Bad ideas never go away, and gun owners will always be under attack. ■

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