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Animal User, Animal Abuser

I’ve often wondered about the animal-rights movement and the type of people aligned with it. And I’m not talking about your typical family and their beloved cat Tofu—the mom and pop that blindly gives money to these organizations because a teary-eyed seal wins out every time.

Unfortunately, many urban dwellers have been duped by fanatical animal-rights groups that happily take their money while denouncing their ownership of said cat, Tofu, claiming pet ownership is equal to slavery. Last time I checked, where our family pet is concerned, I think I know who holds the “slave” title and it sure ain’t the damn dog! In fact, I doubt the dog could live for more than an hour or two outdoors. No, I don’t have a big bird dog; I lost that argument long ago.

The animal-rights people I’m talking about are those of Ingrid Newkirk/Liz White ilk. Those truly beyond the realm of rational thoughts. Those who fight to see animals given the same rights and freedoms as normal folk. After all, according to our beloved PETA founder, Ingrid Newkirk, “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

The trapping of problem furbearers such as beaver will be challenged under Bill C-50.

What further amazes me is how these organizations are allowed to operate in so many countries, raking in millions in donations from unsuspecting Yuppie types while plotting and planning activities that equal terrorism. That’s correct. I consider animal-rights activists to be nothing more than terrorists and feel they should be treated as such. This whole movement has gone way too far, going beyond the realm of protecting animals from cruelty and actually entering into the world of terrorism. But are you and I, the hunter, angler, trapper, farmer—animal users—the only ones who realize this? It certainly appears so.

Enter the Canadian government. You know the group, those of deep pockets and little brain, the Liberal thieves who just can’t get it right no matter how hard they try. Currently this same group is entertaining the idea of allowing these same animal-rights terrorists to take honest law-abiding hunters, anglers, trappers and farmers through the judicial system based on some stupid ass piece of legislation that leaves far too many doors open for the lunatics. How can this be? How can our government be so far out of line with the real world?
I’m talking about the impending federal animal cruelty legislation, Bill C-50, which would finally give animal-rights terrorists, the power they’ve so desperately sought. And for you, me, and every other traditional animal user, this could mean big trouble, real big trouble. Imagine going to court for shooting a deer, baiting a hook, or catching and releasing a fish.

Animal-cruelty legislation has been around for many years but has never lived up to the expectations of many people, including traditional animal users.

Bill C-50, is supposed to punish those who do abuse animals, but it has wording in it that isn’t defined, namely wording that would make it illegal to “kill an animal brutally or viciously, regardless of whether the animal dies immediately” (section 182.2(1)(C)). Not defining that statement or giving exclusion to traditional animal users, leaves the door wide open to animal-rights terrorists who consider even fishing to be “brutal” and “vicious”.

The very act of catching-and-releasing a fish will be considered brutal and vicious.

Animal rights terrorists have already stated they will challenge the acts of hunting, fishing and trapping to the fullest extent of the law. So why, when they—a federal government so incredulously inept at connecting with reality—knowing these very threats are true, continue on the path they do? Why is debate even taking place? Can’t people rationalize anymore? Are outdoorsmen and women the only sane group left in this country gone mad?

Liz White, Director for the Animal Alliance of Canada, has already stated: “The onus is on the humane societies and other groups on the front lines to push this legislation to the limit, to test the parameters of this law and have the courage and conviction to lay charges. That’s what this is about. Make no mistake about it.”

Animal-rights terrorist groups such as PETA have millions of dollars, are well-prepared, connected, and a serious threat to traditional animal users. They believe that animals should have the same inherent rights as humans, and Bill C-50 in its wording, elevates animals to such a level.

If you consider hunter and angler numbers as not-growing due to reasons that could be considered trivial, just think what would happen to these same numbers should animal-rights terrorists lay charges under Bill C-50 against ordinary hunters, anglers or trappers?

Bill C-50 does call for an increase in fines to animal abusers, and so it should, there is no lesser person. But it provides no protection to hunters, anglers, trappers, medical researchers, and even farmers.

There is still hope however. Bill S-24, introduced by Liberal Senator John Bryden, gives protection to traditional animal users while at the same time increases fines and penalties for animal abusers, which is exactly what is intended.

Animal-rights terrorists are spearheading a campaign to have Bill C-50 emerge as legislation, for obvious reasons. Because of this, all hunters, anglers, trappers, farmers, medical researchers—sane people—need to contact their Member of Parliament. Let him or her know that you won’t stand for the passing of Bill C-50 and that Bill S-24 makes much more sense, allowing for the proper punishment of animal abusers while protecting honest lawful animal users.

If you value hunting, fishing or trapping, you must act fast and you must act now! There is a chance that Bill C-50 could be passed this winter.

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