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The biggest news to hit Alberta's outdoorsmen and women recently was the announcement made by SRD Minister Dr. Ted Morton at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties convention in Edmonton on March 19th. The minister stated that the Hunting for Habitat (HFH) part of Open Spaces Alberta would no longer be pursued. It appears as though this minister is listening to Alberta’s outdoor community after many voiced their concerns against the proposed plan. The Recreation Access Management Plan (RAMP), however, is still on the table and will see much debate in the near future.

There has been much concern that Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture (TPRC) haven’t been honest in their discussions regarding the expansion of Rock Lake Provincial Park. Past history has proven that TPRC aren’t exactly friends when it comes to Alberta’s hunters. As written by Bazil Leonard, President of the Willmore Wilderness Foundation, “Rock Lake was one of many Provincial Parks created with the signing of several Orders in Council during the 2006 Premier Leadership Race, which was done with NO public consultation. The historical Rock Lake hunting area was eliminated with the stroke of a pen.”
Now with an expansion planned for the park to ten times its current size, will hunters lose access to this prime country? It is important that interested parties let their objections to the expansion of Rock Lake Provincial Park be known as soon as possible. A meeting is scheduled for mid-April where further discussions will take place.

Contact Bill Werry, ADM of TPRC bill.werry@gov.ab.ca to voice your concerns.


A new website is in the early stages of being developed for Alberta's outdoorsmen and women. The website, being designed in conjunction with SRD, IBM and several stakeholders including AFGA, ACA, HFT, DU, TU, APOS and AO, will provide hunters and anglers with several opportunities including the ability to purchase and print out at home their hunting and fishing licences through the www.albertarelm.com website that will be a focal point of the new communtiy website.

The community website will also offer hunters and anglers a place to communicate, receive email alerts, partake in polls, gather hunting and fishing information, view an interactive calendar of events, read interesting stories and have access to all the resources needed to hunt or fish in Alberta.

Watch for more information to be available in the very near future.


Fish and Wildlife officers are shown here recording information from a deer culled during the 2007 CWD Cull Program. -photo courtesy F&W.

March has seen the Outdoorsmen Forum blazing with conversation. Several issues have risen to the top with Open Spaces Alberta taking the lead. Forum users have kept our moderators hopping with several heated discussions taking place.

The Alberta Resident Hunters for Justice have been keeping members up-to-date with information and are warning that the battle may still not be over with RAMP still on the table - a program that many believe has merit and could work in Alberta. However, concerns are that if stakeholder input isn’t given to the fullest extent, paid-for hunting may still be an issue.

Another topic that has garnered much attention is the “CWD Pics Near Dilberry Lake” thread started by Anonymous. Many forum members voiced their disgust with images of culled deer being buried in deer pits by our Fish and Wildlife Department. However, we must stress that much information being discussed is complete speculation and that readers should get their facts first-hand before believing much of what has been written. Forum member shedcrazy has been providing accurate information in these discussions and his posts should be read before passing judgement on the Cull Program.

Forum member sputnik started the thread Outfitting and Guided Hunting For or Against? And so far the topic has reached more than 100 posts in just a few days and nearly 2000 views. Seems this is a hot topic among forum members with packhuntr, Jamie, gunslinger, Surhuntsalot and Vindalbakken leading the way.

Lethalconnection started the thread Respect your elders? How about respect the youth! He suggests that "when a younger person talks about something you think you know all about maybe you dont, maybe you should listen to what they have to say and consider it or let them voice their opinion." However the thread is now discussing many fishing issues with TundraBuck, RyanGSP, catnthehat and others making several posts. Unfortunately, the thread turned nasty and was locked down by moderator lilsundance.

Over on the Archery Discussion Forum the thread Mechanicals VS. Fixed started by TreeGuy, has reached nearly 1000 views. Forum members russ, nekred, Stinky Coyote and huntinggr81 have all made numerous posts in what is a very interesting read.

Another thread that has been of great interest is the Lease Land thread started by Five0 back in December. This thread has now seen over 9000 views with 282 posts. Seems Five0 was denied access to some leased land without just cause. Five0 filed a dispute and received a letter back from SRD giving him access with some conditions. After contacting the leaseholder, he was again denied access - it appears the leaseholder is challenging the decision of the Land Manager. After a formal hearing, Five0 and the leaseholder are now waiting a decision. Stay tuned on this one.


Stream Watch is a program funded by Alberta’s anglers and corporate sponsors that pays for Seasonal Enforcement Officers to patrol streams along the Eastern Slopes. The program employs students from the Lethbridge College conservation enforcement program.

In 2008, the Seasonal Enforcement Officer in Southwestern Alberta will work primarily in the upper Oldman and Livingstone River systems and carry out education programs, area patrols, enforcement, signage work and data gathering on streams.

You can learn more about Alberta Stream Watch at www.albertastreamwatch.com/

Deadline for entries to the 2007 Alberta Hunter of the Year contest is June 1st. Make sure you get your entries in. Last year's whitetail winner scored just 177 4/8 and we know there were a heck of a lot bigger deer taken in 2006. Prizes aren't huge ($500 for first overall) but you get your mug in the 2008 regulations and bragging rights around the campfire for the year. It is also an opportunity to showcase some of Alberta's best animals.

You can read more about the contest on page 88 of the 2007 Alberta Hunting Regulations or contact Sports Scene Publications at 780-413-0331.

A stand-alone website has been created as an access point for Alberta's hunting, fishing and trapping regulations, as well as the Hunting Special Draws Booklet and Special Walleye Draws. This new access point simplifies things and gives you a portal from one location.

You can access the regulations here: www.albertaregulations.ca

For upcoming young hunters you can now take the course and exam online.

For more information, go to the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association web site and click on the Education button in the lower right corner.

Join hundreds of other women for up to 5 days of learning, camaraderie, fun and begin to master the
outdoors. Women of all ages are encouraged to experience, explore, and develop an understanding of the natural world through over 23 different hands-on programs.

You can learn more about this program at www.huntingfortomorrow.com/women_files/OWS%202008%20Program.pdf

For several years now the Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation (HFTF) have provided a Calendar of Events highlighting events that may be of importance to Alberta’s outdoorsmen and women. If you are interested in an event or having your event listed you can visit the HFTF at www.huntingfortomorrow.com/HFTF_Home/Calender%20of%20Events.htm




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